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Helpful Hints On How To Register For Your Visit


We accept most HMO/PPO insurance plans, most types of Medicaid, and all Medicare patients. Brigham City Community Hospital is a MountainStar facility. Check our list of accepted health insurance plans here. If you have questions about your coverage at our facility, please call your insurance company. The insurance customer service phone number should be listed on your insurance card.


Co-payments are determined by your insurance company and based on specific plan benefits. For most services, the co-payment will be listed on your insurance card. Co-payments/patient portions are due at the time of service. We offer a prompt pay discount on payments made at time of service.


Authorization is a requirement of many insurance companies and will vary based on the procedure. In most cases, your physician's office will obtain pre-authorization.


Pre-registration should be completed prior to the date of service in order to expedite the check-in process. General demographic and insurance information is required to complete pre-registration.

Requirements for all registrations include:

  • Insurance card copy
  • Valid picture ID
  • Co-payment / patient portion
  • Consent signature
  • Physician's order
Box Elder County Residents: You have access to our Hospital

Thanks to the Rural Access to Healthcare Providers Act

In 2001 the Utah Legislature passed, and the Governor signed into law, a bill called “Rural Access to Healthcare Providers” (SB175). The law has the following effects with respect to you and Brigham City Community Hospital:

  • If you are a resident of Box Elder County and are enrolled in a commercial health maintenance organization (HMO) or a similar health plan, you may use the services of Brigham City Community Hospital. Your Insurance plan must pay as if in network.

The HMO or health insurance plan in which you participate must pay the hospital for those services at rates it would pay other hospitals with which it has contracts for comparable service. As with all such health plans, you must follow the prior authorization requirements of your HMO or health insurance plan.

If you wish to be accommodated at Brigham City Community Hospital, the HMO or health insurance plan cannot require you to go elsewhere if the service is offered at Brigham City Community Hospital.

We will be happy to help you navigate this with your insurance provider. Call us at 435.734.4352 for more information or assistance.