Mountainstar Healthcare; Ranked #1 in Utah for Overall Orthopedic Care for the Last Seven Years

While joint replacement surgery offers plenty of benefits for people suffering from lifestyle-altering pain, it's important to recognize the difference in the quality of care you can receive along the way.

MountainStar Healthcare has been recognized as Utah's top provider of orthopedic care, and our hospitals affiliate with some of the best knee and hip surgeons in the country.

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If you are among those coping with orthopedic conditions that cause debilitating back or joint pain, the orthopedic specialists at Brigham City Community Hospital can help. Our team of skilled and experienced physicians work with physical therapists to provide high-quality surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

Our specialists more precisely identify damage to joints, spinal discs and soft tissue with advanced diagnostic tools, including X-ray, MRI and CT scanning technology. If spinal or orthopedic surgery is necessary, these tools also enable accurate and minimally invasive procedures.

Our doctors stay close to home so that you can seek quality orthopedic care close to home as well. When seeking orthopedic treatment, keep your care close with physicians at a hospital that appreciates our community.

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patient testimonial by Lynn Batty

Lynn Batty

Lynn, a Farr West resident, badly injured his ACL while skiing. He talks about his recovery process

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